Nalini Devi Women's College of Teacher Education


Dr. Gayatri Mohanty

It gives me immense pleasure to have a new website of the college marked by an unwavering commitment on the part of our dedicated faculty members 

Our Institute is deeply grounded and committed to mission and vision, carved its success journey by not only imparting B.Ed. and M.Ed. course to women candidates but to make them aware, informed, skilled and resilient to face the changing demand of our society. Being a promising Teacher Education Institute of the state, armed with newly recruited faculty members, vibrantly takes initiatives-forward in bringing transformation especially in the area of teaching learning, skill development of students.

At a time, when transformation in every sphere is the crying need of the day, this new website, I hope, will serve to the cause of the public in general and college in particular to gather  first hand information about our college.